Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mumbai attack -- An act of "cowardliness"

11/26 : I had to deviate away from what I write otherwise and I have just a few things about yet another attack on the Financial Capital of India:
  1. Horrifying
  2. Catastrophic
  3. Cowardly
  4. Insane
I pray for peace and harmony in times to come and may these terror attacks never strike us again .. I hope we all can stand together against these and our system, political in particular move away from fighting internal conflicts to getting together against such unruly attacks.


Shreya said...

True. Mumbai attacks again confirmed to us how fragile Indian internal security is and how apt we are to handle crisis situation.

I hope and pray that we never face such a tragedy again.

Siddharth Joshi said...

No more postings after this ? Your articles were interesting.

Yash said...

Although it is a cowardly attempt etc etc.. we can all show contempt @ these folks and hate them an all the other things that a normal thinking 'reactive' person would do.. but to me thinking back and understaning 'why' they do such things.. 'why' - it throws up 1 very evident thing - "development is non-inclusive" ie the arms of prosperity have not embraced these folks... and what we folks get so easily(fame,love, money, etc), they dont even get a whiff of it.. why then should they not fight for what they aspire to? Since non violence and plain door knocking dont work coz of our frenzy, they much do shocking things - afterall desperate events require desperate measures...