Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Ever evolving, changing and adapting world - keeping away from blogging hasn't stopped the thought process. While I was keeping myself busy into work it was exciting one day when I got a facebook invitation from my father; it was very interesting to watch this and how the Baby boomers too are gradually trying to get into the Gen V world and the late entry into the online space is not stopping them from taking a plunge in it.

I had a series of blogs on some of those most famous web spaces and how they will be evolving their business models. One of them was on where Linked in could be headed to, and am sure it wasn't just me who had foreseen that - but recession has really made some of my expectations (I don't want to be called a braggart by calling them predictions) come true:
  1. Increased the presence of Social networking and making them the 4th most popular online activity ahead of personal mail
  2. The entire world except for most of the countries in Africa have presence from Social Networking
  3. Linked in has become the No.1 site for job seekers in the current market for IT, Finance and Business professionals
Also I used to ponder on the next steps of Google for their google maps and on how they can really evolve to be a very effective Transportation Management tool, though far from it from a real time commercial transportation management system I think they certainly have managed to get a real solution to the public voes (Also so as not to get sucked into technical gibberish I would rather call it a Route management/optimization system than a Transportation management system). They have grown from being able to provide the shortest route to also being able to give options and leave it to the user to pick and choose. In fact their applicability is recognized by a lot of city transit authorities across the America's on the trip planners!

Lack of time has made some of my latest developments on the e-bizz side a bit rusty but am looking forward to getting charged up again to write on this area of interest to me. By the way before I end, just to let everybody know I am still contemplating whether to accept the invitation from my father on Facebook or not!