Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Statutory Warning: Cell phone use while driving is injurious to health

I have been reading a lot on the law of cell phone usage while driving. As I whizz past cars and vice versa I see every third person either talking over the phone, and probably every 10th person doing something else on the phone. The more I think about this the more it makes me wonder that do we really need law for this? Why do people not realize that when they lose focus while driving they are not just putting their life in danger but of several other people around them?

I strongly think that phone manufacturers like cigarette and alcohol manufacturers should start having a warning message running on all their ads saying : Cell phone use while driving is dangerous. The statistics clearly reveal that this matter needs extreme caution by young drivers as the under20 age group had the highest percentage of distracted drivers; 16% of drivers under 20 years old involved in fatal crashes were distracted while driving. An analogy to cigarette smoking is that smokers die much earlier than non smokers, but going by the above stated fact looks like phone usage while driving might take this record.

Multitude of such data is available, but what is more important for people to know is that posting on ones Facebook wall can wait, but life cannot. Reply to that one text message from your loved ones can wait if you can wait to meet them rather!

Also one strong message to Apple’s and RIM’s of the world, if they can take up this one social message to the public their reputation only goes higher and may be the sales as well! Also Facebook’s and Google’s too should take a responsibility of promoting not using cell phones while driving. Infact they can promote so many good things like these which can drive such a positive social behavior because people these days are driven by what is socially acceptable and not.


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