Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wher"e" is it going

While I was away following the US Financial crisis rather the forthcoming global financial crisis and see a mammoth like Lehman Brothers fall to what people call bad debts, my favorite topic of discussion has not been discussed much by others either.

The SAP's and Oracle's are no longer fighting to get new clients, they are only shielding themselves from not facing the brunt of existing clients and wait for a slow exit. Is this financial crisis only affecting the financial sector or the IT sector or is it affecting all other sectors. Tourism dipped, Auto dipped, Infrastructure was on a rise until recently, the demand for textile and clothing in the USA and the Europe has gone down. The only solace that govt. must have had is that the global crude oil price has come down to the present $ 107 over last 2-months, from the peak level of $146/barrel 4-months back.

The new start ups which were growing MoM and YoY and they were doing wonders in getting C2C and B2C links and were being profitable within months from starting, where are they all gone now, why is it that nobody is talking about them now and no new flamboyant entrepreneur with a great idea is coming up with a new start up, are questions that I keep pondering !! Is the year of 2000-01 going to be revisited and if yes then are we going to face once every decade this kind of slowdown ..

Some thoughts on :
  1. Is this slowdown going to become more frequent in the times to come and knowing that US economy which is still the locomotive of global economy will gradually run out of steam ?
  2. Are the emerging Asian giants strong enough to drive a revival in world economic momentum ?
  3. Will the reliability on e-business continue as it is and even grow further in times to come or we are going to look back and decide on what has gone wrong while adopting e-business and take evasive or corrective measures ?
  4. Are the SaaS and SoA going to continue gaining more and more importance with the cost cutting spree that companies are running towards?

As far I am concerned I would continue being a strong advocate of e-business as that's what I feel will be the driver in times to come..

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Shreya said...

America is a super power country - a cockpit which drives the plane of global business. When the economy of the powerful country shakes, the plane looses balance. All countries panic and shake from fear of a collapse.

But every country is growing. Japan is another powerful country and is ready to compete and take control of the plane.

And so are other countries. It is only a matter of few more years or may be a dacade.

And as the country flourishes, so will be the business; be in online or not.