Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Link"e"d in - Colligating jobs,partners & friends

Link"e"d in as the name says really has been instrumental in creation of one of the strongest and inviolable networks (one of its kind as there aren't many professional networks in this sea of social networking sites). And very easily Linked in has scaled up beyond being just a professional network to a combination of network and job portal that's has quality jobs (or does it not..)

What's surprising about Linked in is that while there were pioneers like monster, dice, jobsearch, ladders (Another website with a different model of functioning), sixfugurejobs (quite an ambitious name) who have been working on assisting jobseekers and headhunters to get the right fit, but post the advent of Linked in I personally feel that the process of job search will actually alter in the coming few years. I really don't know what could one get by the recommendations in Orkut or Facebook except for some ego massage but in Linked in the recommendations assist the user to apply for a job and might really help the user get a career push as well. I know enthusiasts are going to come back and corner me for other social networking sites are not just targeting professionals but infact they are actually doing what they are meant for. But I would leave that for discussions and as a subject for one of my next blogs.

I would actually give the credit for what Linked in is to its founding members and the Management team. Reid Hoffman has worked with iconic companies like PayPal, eBay, Allen Blue who mastered concept of social networking during his stint at socialNet, and Lloyd Taylor who worked with the biggest ever online company, Google. And then the current team of Linked in including CEO Dan Nye who managed the Investment Management business at Advent Software and CFO Steve Sordello who previously worked as CFO of Ask Jeeves.

I am not taking names just to promote them (and neither am I getting money for promoting Linked in) but to drive the point that each and every individual from this team actually gets a lot to the table from their diverse backgrounds and that's clearly visible from where they are headed to.

I am sure all these social-professional sites would be scaling themselves to a different business model but in Linked in I can see a big consulting company in the times to come with expertise on each and every industry vertical or horizontal and the stakeholders would just be the loyal members and these stakeholders would get a share of the pie of the consulting assignments they would be part of. Even if this sounds far fetched how about having the potential to be the No.1 providers of professional headcounts for any possible profile with their vast sea of networkers and information about the various job profile details. (And needless to say as networking sites, they are and they will remain pioneers in professional networking and we all know that networking is going to remain macrocosmic).

I would really want to understand from the fellow experts and enthusiasts in e-business as to how these socio-professional networking sites would be evolving themselves and whether their is a need for them to really evolve (going back to my previous post on change or perish, I think they will have to evolve)


Tridip said...

.......Anubhav, i totally opine your view on the vision that this company has, moreover, its really awesome to see someone really come out and challenge the odds.
Its difficult to get into an already competitive market and still pitch in some accelerators that stand out, these guys have really showcased what "Penetration Marketing means", the only thing that i would really want these guys to work is on the look and feel, I sometimes feel that Linked in is a little non-intuitive..... completely with you when you say that, "I'm not taking names, but then, Brand fanatics cant keep stuff inside for long... keep these coming

Roy A. Hewitt said...

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Shreya said...

'By word of mouth' marketing is the most successful marketing stratergy. And thats how online sites started giving importance to feedbacks and ratings.
LinkedIn used it to better use by enhancing with social networking.

My personal belief is that all companies who have their feet dirty in online business are using last 10 years for gathering personal/professional information. Soon information will be weighed and traded like gold or gems n market. This trade could have a face of a consulting firm or a forecasting or projection system or a data mine.