Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Widg"e"t for android forked for SAP/Oracle !! Can this feat be achieved

Off late I have been writing on Web 2.0 and metaphors of several such things which have made IT a common mans terminology. I myself have started getting my hands dirty these days in an attempt to understanding the emergence of technology and architecture that's making the business mammoths run away from IT products and embrace service providers proving service over the web. I read a recent article on Netsuite targeting SAP R3 customers where we can see that SAP can also have a run for their money(may be I am overreacting) if they do not realize that today's customers' needs have become stronger and the fulfillment more difficult.

Today's enterprises are not looking at solutions that are complicated, difficult to implement, have a huge cost associated with them which they can boast of. Rather they want something that is simple to use, not so difficult to maintain and easiest to let go if the service is not the classy self that these product vendors claim of. Also with the growing awareness and capabilities of Web people have started understanding nitty gritties of terms like cloud computing (derived from grid computing), fuzzy logic, smart system etc. All these concepts have started showing off its true colours to business which is the logic behind terminologies like Saas and SOA infact few of the biggest online marketplaces like Amazon have strengthened their backbone with significant improvements in internal efficiencies with the adept use of cloud architecture.

Software as a Service which people from IT world fondly call as SaaS meaning in laymen terms delivering software over the internet,  is the talk of the town in the bizz world today. Here's my take on why I feel enterprises are convulsing towards a web based system:
  1. Key objectives today being having a system that's configurable, virtual (decreasing the actual size) and scalable (now ain't that what growing organizations want looking at the plethora of M&As and consolidations happening )
  2. SaaS and SOA becoming bed fellows with continuous evolution of architecture and the IT majors like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Dell making a foray into it
  3. The model being that of a hosted one where post implementation scenarios are more to just pay the hosting fee
So now this is where I feel like asking some questions about this megatrend called SaaS some of them being :
  • Will the product vendors like SAP and Oracle really look at providing softwares which will be no different from Amazon or e-bay?
  • What change will an Operating System like Android (for those who are not aware Android is the latest OS out of Google's stable) get to the web world
  • Can we ever have add on gadgets which enterprises can make for themselves that would seamlessly fit into the ERP's of the world
  • Or will these ERP's just cease to exist in times to come and the new league (of extraordinary gentlemen's) in form of SaaS softwares come in and take over the market (and this time it will not be by storm)
Have gone through several collaterals on SaaS, Web 2.0, SOA et al, but I felt that the eight reasons made by Phil Waineright on why SaaS will surge in 2008 are some bold and blinding revelations which one should sit and ponder over and if given a chance act. Feel like ending this post with an inconceivable point in times to come on how about having a ERP solution that has the face of facebook, computing capabilities of amazon, an engine like e-bay, a relationship building capability of of Linkedin, analysis capabilities of w3Schools and so on. I am expecting an enterprise solution from Google's or Amazon's stall that can be a panacea to our voes.

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