Sunday, August 23, 2009

Power of on"e" liners

Who could have imagined in 2006 that the 140 characters that twitter assumes are just sufficient to build an ecosystem will become talk of the town today and it will not just influence social behavior, but also various business initiatives! Today with millions of registered users on platforms like Twitter, myspace and other social networks emulating the model to not let go the immediate connect and impact which sites like Twitter have created. Facebook, Orkut, gmail chat, linkedin and all other social network sites today let people quote what's in their mind and this one development according to me was the next best advancement in networking. Being able to be in a community and chat, write on wall and scrap was started by social networking sites but being able to interact on every moment of life or at times on just a teatime session, walk round the street with Ralph (the dog) or a trip to Smokey's creates so much buzz around you in the community that with these status messages one cannot contain themselves from commenting on these status leading to discussions which would lasted over several snail mails 20 years back.

I am not a very strong advocate of making myself so open to the outside world, that the whole world can do an autopsy of my life. But today the trends are changing & people have been geographically dispersed and hence there is a continuous need for people to know about family and friends! Also there's a lot happening these days in everybody's personal, family, social and sociological lives which has made people try to open themselves to those who are in their network(circle) to share and seek from.

This is one side of the story where companies are creating networks and each and every of the networks have a different region for dominance in the social behavior of people. It's another story worth discussing on how these social networks are led by different factors which in turn had given varied coverage to these in geographies globally. But today corporates worldwide are moving to using these network and leverage the social behaviour of people, and some of the networks like facebook, twiter and Linkedin are gradually establishing leadership status in social, professional and micro-blogging sectors of business. Companies today are working on their web presence to create an impact by having their presence across all the social networking sites and through blogging and various microblogging techniques. It's a way of of not just increasing awareness of various initiatives that corporates are taking but also to get maximum mileage out of the growing acceptance of web 2.0 models. One should not be surprised if very soon corporates would have their own social network platforms to aggregate the various partners, prospects and alliances and use this platform for increasing market presence and transform their organizations.

Might sound overbearing but imagine a status message from a CEO of a Fortune 100 company -" Completed a board room meeting to decide the initiative in the LTAM region towards legacy system consolidation" or a CFO of a multinational trying to discuss -" Latest trends in outsourcing of AP and AR" with his peers! But for now it's just living with reality and predictions by various research research firms on getting the maximum out of the social networking platforms and performing innovative marketing techniques as quoted by Forrester.

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