Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fac"e"book --> Tumblr.. moving towards Gen V(Virtual) .. POS

Recently "Tumblr" founder David Karp was in picture for having come up with one of the easiest platform for users to start blogging and I decided to have myself registered into it. When I looked at the features I realized that there is nothing out there that can actually differentiate Tumblr with other blogging sites, but that's what it is and we already have .17 mn registered users on that website. So what does this imply are we saying that tomorrow Facebook, Orkut Twitter and others will have to get meatier to keep up with the competition or will they just the way they always have will keep churning more users and keep making money out of the advertisements. Atleast that's the only mode of making money that these social networking sites have and the model seems to be well accepted in the e-business world.

But do we see an evolution in these social networking websites. Are these social networking sites going to remain what they are with the several widgets and application incorporated them or the architects of the web world and future entrepreneurs or some existing giant going to come up with more models to make these social networking sites a bigger point of sale. The reasons why I see in what I say happening, in times to come are cited below:

  1. A dedicated user base which is increasing exponentially on the web with the advent of Web 2.0

  2. A targeted audience for selling, easily meeting the criterion's for selling a product with the multitude of groups and communities being formed online

  3. Detailed profiling of the users available in the hands of the content managers who can easily do segmentation, targeting and positioning with the current set of information

  4. We haven't yet seen the end of marketplaces and aggregators, some new player might astonish the world with something bigger because technology never fails to throw surprises at us

    This thought certainly needs more discussion and deliberation as to what the future of Social Networking is ...

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Shreya said...

Now that you are working on a project so clos to this topic, you will get the answer; or should I say the it could e beginning of a new phase to social networking.