Monday, August 18, 2008

Wh"e"re's Google headed ...

Google - a company that has literally reinvented the wheel by having a business that runs entirely in a virtual world. It's like having a whole new world with its own countries, states, languages, politicians, musicians, movie makers, scientists, doctors and a continuous aggregating population that's all gaga about this virtual world.

When I think how Google has evolved in the last 10-12 years from being a search engine dedicated to the Stanford University to now being a company that seems to be making the moves that no other company can match. AdSense & AdWords, Doubleclick, Orkut, Google maps, Google grid, blogger, Google checkout, translator and they all have direct competitors in aQuantive, Real, Facebook, Yahoo maps, Paypal( who had imagined Google's credibility to be at par with paypal) ... and to sum it all a solid user profiling by means of :

  1. The Google cookie
  2. Personalized search
  3. G-mail (All the contents of mail are actually scanned by Google)
  4. Google documents and spreadsheets
  5. Google Toolbar (Spyware that logs every click you make)
  6. Google web stats (Provides them with not only site-wide but also user-level statistics)

I am sure as times go by Google would be doing acquisitions of some Content Management softwares, proxy server vendors, ISP's so that they can reach uninterrupted to their users.. But moving on will that be it.

Will Google stop there or are we looking at an Googoperating system that would be available online for each and every user to download based on their need. Imagine having a customized Operating system with all the add-ons like docs, spreadsheets, project, communicator, video driver, audio driver depending on your system specifications and user needs and a varying cost for this operating system as you pay for only what you use - " A $50 for the first time installation ", I know it's far fetched but can it really happen and if it does happen then the Microsoft's, the Mac's and the LINUX's are certainly going to have a run for their money. OR say how about taking the Oracle's and SAP's headon by having the most effective and efficient Transportation Management and Warehouse Management systems by letting the user's decide based on Google maps and Google earth as to what can be the best location for a W/H or a Route or least to say partner with an organization and tell them that your employees don't look happy with your company and in last one month we have had 1300 of your employees looking at job portals through i-Google desktop.. Though I am sure they would not want to do the last and loose out on such a loyal customer base ...

Was wondering if there are people who think like me and I am sure experts have written a lot about the next move on Google so any pointers to that will be appreciated and never know we might have a new story brewing up for yet another book " Google - The chronicles lead to a bigger story"!!!

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