Sunday, August 17, 2008

The word e-business

"e-business" this word is become ubiquitous today and each and every company and the marketing gurus across the globe are advising companies to embrace e-business open heartedly.

When I talk to people in the business world and specially if he is a marketing guy all that he would talk about is how e-marketing and e-advertising is changing our outlook towards promoting our company and examples like Google's ad-sense, double click and Microsoft's acquisition of aQuantive are given. If the same question of how business is embracing the "e" to a manufacturing guy he would immediately quote e.g.'s of the SAPs and Oracles of the world(which are still just ERP's and not completely run with the e-ngine) and of the Sterling Commerces and Aribas on how these best of breed packages are making the supplier relation so manageable and how web has helped them build lasting partnerships... And similarly if I talk to a Human Resource professional he would immediately lay out the best practices that are being adopted to have an internal (and this no longer remains internal with excessive amount of outsourcing done on the HR front) portal within the organization through which the employee can get the best of benefits and all the queries, suggestions, salary disbursement, leave tracking et al happen effectively, and all this to keep the internal customers happy... One can go on and on and the e-business saga is becoming an integrated part of each and every organizations and departments.

In one line I would describe e-business as "Virtual world being created at the backend in organizations to make the front end look like a child's play".

Curious if adepts/tyros can give me more such one liners to really define "e-business" ....

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